Tori McCrobie

System JO

Tori McCrobie • Co-Host

You know that person who fixes stuff at the office before anyone else knows it’s broken? The one you go to on the DL when you need something done right, but want to avoid 38 emails and 12 meetings? The one person who just gets it? That’s Tori. Retail experience? Check. Logistics? Check. Sales, marketing, relationship management, event planning – check, check, check, and check.

Tori’s been with System JO since 2014, getting shit done in every position from sales support to regional manager, where she now works with amazing retailers and distributors all over the country.

As co-host of All Lubed Up (and Nowhere to Go), Tori!

Spills the industry tea and drops all kinds of relevant wisdom on the audience. Oh, and she happens to be married to that other dude, Ryan.

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