Raja Roy Choudhury

CEO of ChargebackHelp

Raja Roy Choudhury has worked in the eCommerce space since its infancy in the 1990s. Starting out as a merchant entrepreneur, Choudhury gained extensive experience in payments processing and its incumbent risks.

With the rise in eCommerce fraud, Choudhury discovered an opportunity. Merchants were spending a lot of time and money away from their core business managing fraud and chargebacks. Many were losing their processing entirely from too many chargebacks.

So in 2013, he founded ChargebackHelp to help merchants fight back against fraud and chargebacks. This venture has since grown with offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe; with clients ranging from small, high-risk businesses to Fortune 500 firms.

ChargebackHelp recovers revenue and prevents chargebacks for merchants big and small. Services include aggressive representment and chargeback management, as well as merchant services consulting.

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