Kathleen Ashford


Kathleen Ashford has been in the adult industry in some fashion for 25 years or so…all of her adult life as a
*Dancer – Anchorage, AK, Fairbanks, AK, Las Vegas, NV (2-5 years)
*Featured Entertainer Showgirl – Anchorage, AK (5 years)
*Professional Dominatrix – Seattle, WA (15 years)
*Consulted on a major network prime time show on BDSM Psychology and ambiguous wounds – Hollywood (2 seasons)
*Owned and operated a Lingerie and Fetishwear store – Seattle, WA (2 years)
*InnKeeper for InnThrall, Your Kinky B&B – Originally in Seattle, WA, moved to the outskirts of Reading PA at the beginning of 2020 (7 years)
*Consultant for Hosted Guests at InnThrall, Your Kinky B&B – Originally in Seattle, WA and currently just outside of Reading, PA (7 years)
From Dancer to Dominatrix, to Kinky B&B owner, she has had “the best job, ever” three times in a row while fulfilling her overarching goal of giving others a safe space and permission to explore one another and the many, many facets of sexuality.

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