Celeste & Colleen

Jizz-Off Products

Jizz-Off! hand sanitizer and wipes were conceived in 2017 when founders Celeste Donohue and Colleen Downs traveled from Los Angeles to Palm Springs for a weekend adventure. Aware of the abundance of jizz in hotel rooms, they brought their own sanitizing spray to wipe the Jizz-Off! of the door handles, light switches and remote controls. By the end of the weekend, Jizz-Off! was born!

Flash forward to 2020 with COVID-19 exploding all over the world. Celeste and Colleen knew the timing was right to launch Jizz-Off! as a real product so they sought a partner who could help them stop the super-spreading of jizz!  Enter comedian, Jamie Kennedy. Jamie immediately saw the need for a more jizz-free world, and is now helping to fulfill Celeste and Colleen’s dream of a more sanitary lifestyle because nowadays jizz is the new germs!

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