YNOT Summit Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, and we (hopefully) have answers.


Is this on Zoom? Do I need to download software?

No to both questions.  YNOT Summit takes place on the HOPIN.com platform.  You do not need to download any special software, it will run entirely through your web browser.  We recommend you use a desktop or laptop where possible for the best possible experience. Mobile devices work, but the experience is greatly reduced.

When and where does YNOT Summit take place?

YNOT Summit 2021 is an online event, so it will take place 100% online.  Dates are July 7th, 2021 through July 9th, 2021. Please check the schedule for start times each day and note that start times are subject to change.

Who should attend YNOT Summit?

YNOT Summit is for adult industry talent, affiliates and business professionals. YNOT Summit has two separate “tracks” for its seminars and sessions.  The “Model Track” is for live cam broadcasters, clips models, video performers and overall industry talent.  The “Webmaster Track” is for adult business and marketing executives, website developers, professional services companies and affiliates.

Is it free?

Yes, you can register to attend YNOT Summit for free. When you register you can also choose to voluntarily donate money for your ticket, which helps YNOT put on the best event possible.

Will the sessions be available later on video?

This is the #1 question we get during Summit, but the answer is a little complicated. First, we feel VERY strongly that attendees will get more value from live sessions than they will from just the video after the event is over. Second, with some topics we prefer to maintain a certain level of privacy so attendees in the rooms feel comfortable to talk freely. That said, with many topics we are indeed able to make them available online after the show. So the answer to this question is: it depends. We recommend that attendees try to attend all topics of interest in-person, but if you absolutely can’t make a session then make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’re notified in case the missed session is one of the videos we make publicly available at a later date.

I tried to register, but it said my email was already in use!

If you have attended a previous event on the HOPIN.com platform (formerly HOPIN.to), for example the first YNOT Summit or AW Summit, then you already have an account.  Just login first and then register and you’re instantly signed up. Use the “forgot password” link if you can’t remember what you used before.


I am a speaker, how do I join my session when it's time for me to speak?

We put together a video walkthrough on YouTube to explain how it all works, take a look.


What do I need to provide YNOT to setup our virtual booth?

We’ve provided all the information you need on this page:  https://www.ynotsummit.com/exhibitor-checklist/

When's the deadline to get YNOT my booth materials?

By end of June please.

How do I switch from a video recording in my booth to live broadcast, or vice-versa?

Unfortunately this isn’t something you can do on your own.  You will need to contact YNOT and let us know when you want to switch back and forth from recorded video and live broadcast.  If you have contact info for Connor, Jay or Richard, that’s your best bet.  You can IM us through the HOPIN.to software as well, but Skype gets the best results.  Skype: ‘lajconsulting’ for Jay or ‘ynotconnor’ for Connor or ‘rochardbuss’ for Richard.