YNOT Summit Exhibitor's Checklist

Please have all items turned into YNOT no later than June 30th, 2021, so we have time to setup your booth.

If you are exhibiting at YNOT Summit 2021, please make sure to provide us with the following things as soon as possible so we can setup your booth.  We need these items NO LATER than June 30th, but the sooner you can send them the sooner we can get you listed on the Hopin event site.  Please email everything to Jay Kopita, or you can instead use our contact form.


Company name.  We probably know what you want here, but better to make sure we show you exactly as you want to be displayed to attendees looking through booth listings. I.e., “YNOT” or “Chaturbate”.

Designated email address.  This will be used to send you any leads created from your booth.

Your offer or promotion text. In order to generate email leads, you’re encouraged to include an attractive special offer available only at your booth. We’ll need a description of the offer. Visitors can “claim” the offer, at which point their email address will be sent to your team.  Example, “Get 30% off new service” or “Get a free t-shirt mailed to you.”  This needs to be short to fit in the software, like 30-40 characters.

Booth headline text. This short text will be shown to anyone who enters your booth. This should be a relatively short headline (60 chars max) so attendees who arrive at your booth can instantly understand what you’re all about.

About us text.  This can be longer than the headline and include a paragraph with 2-5 sentences that explains more about your company.

Twitter link.  If desired, this information will be added to your booth.

Website URL.  What website should we link from your booth?

Logo file. Please send a high-res version, at least 1080×1080, and we’ll format it from there as appropriate.  PNG with a transparent background is preferred.

Background image.  This image will be shown when attendees are browsing booths and it goes underneath your logo and booth name.  The best size is 1920×1080 and JPG is preferred.  These images are best when they don’t have much or any text.  Note that some clipping may occur around the edges, so anything important in the image should be more to the center and away from the edges.  See the sample at the bottom if the page to get an idea how this image is used, and note your supplied logo will cover part of the left side of this background image.


Promotional video. We strongly recommend that ALL exhibitors send is a prerecorded video that we can add to your booth.  We’ll need a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video that you want displayed in your booth. This will be shown to attendees whenever you are not live broadcasting from your booth. It needs to be appropriate content for public display on YouTube or Vimeo, of course, so please keep these clean and professional.

Live broadcast from booth.  Instead of a recorded video, you can instead choose to broadcast live from your booth.  This is an excellent way to engage attendees as it simulates the “show floor” experience at an in-person trade show.  Visitors will see your representative live on cam and can either type questions or activate their own cam and chat directly, like a Zoom meeting.  You can also do demos at your booth.  This does mean you’ll need to have someone present and broadcasting at your booth during show hours, so it’s really up to you.  You might also consider going live at your booth for just specific hours in the day and then announcing those hours to your customers, so they know when to stop by.


At the moment, the Hopin software we’re using does not allow exhibitors to control the switch from recorded video to live feed, or back again.  YNOT will need to set your booth at one or the other to start, which is why we highly recommend that everyone send us a video link.  This way your booth looks professional if attendees arrive while you are not broadcasting.  If you want to switch to live, just ask anyone from YNOT to make that change for you and we’ll get it done.  At that point your video will disappear and your designated moderator(s) can initiate the live broadcast in its place.

Here’s an example of how a booth LISTING might look while attendees are browsing available exhibits.  This should help you visualize how the logo and background image requested above will come together:

Stripchat Booth

And here is a look at how the inside of your booth might appear to attendees.  Note there are tabs to switch between company details and chat, and in this case we’re simply linking a YouTube video of highlights from the 2019 YNOT Cam Awards for attendees to watch:

YNOT Booth